Choosing the right Kitchen Chimney for your place

Hood Choosing Visual

How to choose the perfect Kitchen Hood for you

Choose a hood that facilitates your work in the kitchen, affords freedom of movement and simplifies food preparation.

The hood should also have the right suction power. Consider the size of your kitchen and your cooking habits, this is the only way to obtain the right air flow and lower electricity consumption.

A simple calculation allows understanding the most suitable capacity for every kitchen. Just multiply the volume of the room by 10 to obtain the ideal capacity.
Choose your hood carefully and bring fresh air into your kitchen.

These are the most popular installation options, find the model that best suits your kitchen, lifestyle and way of being:


The kitchen hood unit is located against the wall with cooktop adjacent to the wall. Hood has to be mounted on the wall.

Island Mount

The kitchen hood unit is located at the center of the room with the cooktop away from the wall. Hood has to be mounted on the ceiling.

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